I Can’t Help Worrying About the Whooping Cough

10 Nov

New York
July 21, 1913

My Dearest Ruthy:

Monday has gone. I just came from a call on Mr Dykeman, New York central, and
dropped in Mr Gatti’s office, principally to get a check on my promise to send you some
money for receipt on Tuesday.

Had a very good rest on the steamer last night and felt quite refreshed this morning.
Had breakfast on board and was on my way to business at 7:20.
The day has been uneventful. I will have some dinner in New York and go to
Newark later.

I can’t help worrying about the whooping cough and the probability of Jack and
Edward getting it. Am hoping for the best and maybe it will be confined to Florence. If the
worst comes to worst, Forest Hill isn’t such a bad place after all, and if even less
comfortable physically at this season, still be very happy. 

Haven’t any more to tell you just now Dearie. Just lots of love, kisses and well
wishes. Think I will call up and see if Dr Pineo is home. Perhaps he will suggest something
for relief of W. C. and I will write you if he does.

I will hear how you all are tomorrow morning and will be relieved to know you are as
well as when I left.

Heaps of love to all

from your

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