They Are A Great Bunch

08 Nov
Jack, Florence, and Ed

Jack, Florence, and Ed

July 16, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

I received your letter of 14th instant but none today and in view of your intention to
write me every day, I am somewhat worried lest anything has happened to prevent your
writing. Possibly your collector has failed you and I may get 2 letters tomorrow morning. At
least I hope this will be the case.

I hope Florence continues to improve and will be rid of her cough when I see you all

Wrote you last on Monday night from home (287 Montaclair Ave). I didn’t have a
very good night on account of mosquitoes. Bothered me all night, altho I only had front
windows open and bathroom door closed.

Didn’t have an opportunity to write yesterday. Went autoing with Carl & Mr Gatti and
spent the night at Bensonhurst. Had a swim this morning before breakfast. In our
wanderings in Brooklyn last evening we dropped in on the Lieutenant at Fort Hamilton
about 9 o’clock. Found beside Bob & Martha, mother-in-law and Charlie. The Griffiths were
calling, mother, father, and daughter, the latter being one of the bride’s maids you will
remember. I had heard Miss Griffiths had a fine voice, but was more than surprised by its
volume and sweetness.

Opera stars have nothing on her. Bob said she was going to sing for the Victor
people this week. 

Will's brother Bob.

Will’s brother Bob.

Charlie, Martha and mama are the same old bunch. Martha told a tragic story of the
maid’s leaving, and her many impositions leading up to it, much to the amusement of Mr
Gatti and Carl. They (the Gomers) haven’t bought a car as yet. Have had demonstrations
from many makers, and just as they are about to make a selection, some friend who has
owned this particular make informs them that so-and-so says it’s no good. Mrs Gomer says
she is willing to spend the money for it! They are a great bunch.

There is nothing much to tell you worth writing particularly about. The days are
going by and 48 hours from now will see me on my way to St Petersburg once more.
Expect to spend tonight in Newark and will be thinking of you as I go to sleep in the old
room, with its many sweet associations.

I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves and with much love and many kisses
for all. I am ever


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One response to “They Are A Great Bunch

  1. Genealogy Lady

    November 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    What a sweet picture of the children and such a candid one as well.


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