Accomplishing Little

06 Nov

1913 kids

July 9, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

After writing you from here last evening, Gatti and I went to Newark via McAdoo line
and took a taxi to 287 Montclair Ave, arriving about 11:45. Had a fair nights rest but was
bothered some by mosquitoes. As we were leaving the house this morning, Mrs Nellis
called to me that I had left the bathroom windows open. I told her I did this purposely to
let in a little air. I wondered how she knew unless she went in and made a tour of
inspection. She could hardly notice an open window on West side of our house from her
home. She said she would close it in case of rain. Our lawn in front and on side is terribly
burned up; worse I think that I have ever saw it before. Don’t think watering would do any
good; only a long rain would be of any advantage.

I received your letter dated 8th this afternoon at factory. While I think of it here after
address me % G. P. G. Mfg. Co., room 521, 258 Broadway, New York. Will get mail so
addressed more promptly.

Am glad to know you are all continuing well and are finding new and pleasant
diversions. I miss you more than I can say! In fact I haven’t been able to adjust myself to
the separation and I haven’t been much good this week for concentration or work. Have
just frittered the time away accomplishing little. 

I mailed you a letter from Plant. Didn’t do it to disturb or worry you, but thought it
might be well to answer from the country saying you will make a payment at earliest
opportunity. I notice quite a number of bills and statements in the mail which I will bring up
and we’ll talk the matter over.

Gatti went out of town today. Don’t know whether he’ll be here for dinner or not. I
shall eat about 7 o’clock and then start for Newark, arriving there about 10. The situation is
not pleasant, but knowing that you and all the children are well goes for towards making it

Much love and many kisses to you and all the babies.
from your


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