Home Alone!

04 Nov
Ruth and Katherine

Ruth and Katherine

Newark, NJ
July 7, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

After a light supper in New York, I reached home shortly after 8, went over to Nellis’
for the mail and upon returning had Mr Sykes drop in so it is now 10 o’clock. I found the
box containing the bathing suits but didn’t find any sandals. There were 1 pair rubber sole,
3 sneakers and 2 pairs leather soled slippers, (gymnasium, I guess) but no sandals in the
closet in the Children’s room. Perhaps you can tell me in reply, where else to look. Will
send box with bathing things tomorrow.

This is the first time I have ever been in the position I find myself tonight. Home
alone! Wife and family all away. It was always the other way round.

But it is not so lonely as I thought it might be, knowing you are all safe and sound, if
away for there are hundreds of reminders of you and the babies all around, and our fine
old bed room which you left in very orderly shape, looks quite attractive in deed.
Have just had another interruption by a call from Mr & Mrs Nellis, who send their
regards and say they miss you and the children very much.

I gave Mrs Nellis a key which she said she would use if necessary, but hoped
nothing would occasion it.

Am going to bed now as will not write any more this time.

By the way, Carl [Eckvold] swapped the old Franklen for a 1912 — 5 passenger
Maxwell, giving $275.00 to boot — I had a ride through Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton in
it today, and it seems like a nice little car. 

Didn’t see Martha; she was away somewhere & Bob was getting ready to join her as
we arrived. Their house looks very nice inside, and I noticed they have a very nice piano.
I judge this was a beautiful day in the country and you doubtless enjoyed it fully.

Have all the rest and fun you can and make the most of the summers opportunities.
I have nothing but love and kisses to add; kisses large, long and intense, the kind
you like, and I like, and as I go to sleep in my bed I shall try to feel your hand clasped in
mine and all will be well.

Love and Kisses to all
from your

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