Especially Little Edward

03 Nov
1913 Ed

Little Edward, 1913

July 6, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

Something has been bothering me all day and I know now it was the thought of
leaving you today. I miss you more this minute than ever before, so to ease off this feeling
of lonesomeness I am going to write you a few lines before retiring as this seems to bring
me nearer to you than anything else when we are apart.

It is ten o’clock and as I want to get a good nights sleep will not make this a long

Of course we arrived at Petersburgh station over a half hour before the train and had
to wait at Petersburgh Junction over an hour for the B & M train arriving at Troy about 7
o’clock. I hurried to the boat, leaving Mr Gatti, thinking it would be waiting, but arriving at
the wharf there was no boat in sight. It seems that they make a Sunday trip, due at Troy at
7:30 but it was 7:40 before this ship came in and about 8:15 before it got under way down
the river again. I couldn’t get a room & had to check my grip and wait until after leaving
Albany. There was nothing but $3.00 rooms left, so noticing a decent looking chap in the
same fix as myself, I suggested splitting a $3.00 room with him and he is now reposing in
the upper berth. His name is Emil Briner and like myself is returning to business in New
York, leaving his wife and family behind. 

I suggested to Mr Gatti that the next Sunday afternoon we start for N. Y., we hire a
carriage (Wells’ 3 seater) and leaving the farm at five ar a little after drive to the junction or
even Hoosic Falls, taking the B & M train there. You and Mrs Gatti with one or two of the
youngsters could accompany us, and the drive would be a very pleasant one and save us
1 ½ hours of the journey.

The boat seems more crowded than our last trip and very slow to get under way;
leaving Albany about 9:30. Don’t know when we’ll get to N. Y., at this rate.

I guess I have given an account of myself since leaving you. I felt keenly the
separation as we passed you and enlivened as it was with all the kids the Reynolds place
certainly looked very attractive. Well I shall get some consolation from the fact you are
fairly comfortable situated and the days between my going and returning will pass quickly.

How I shall miss you all, and of the kids especially little Edward, what a play fellow
he is. Much more interesting to walk with and talk to than the cultured Mr. C.

Good night best of all wives and sweethearts. Kiss all the children often for me, and
with all my hearts love for yourself, believe me as always,


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