A Hum Drum Day

02 Nov

Boston, MA
June 5, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

This has been a hum-drum day, the bright spot being the receipt of your letter at
one P.M. It is nice to know you think so much of me after all these years.

I am not acquainted in this seat of culture and the envelope situation is not very
encouraging for us. There are too many manufacturers near by who keep the market
glutted with all sorts of job lots. I called on several jobbers, got polite reception, promises
of business in the future, but nothing immediate.

Called on Mr Rafter, who by-the-way wishes to be remembered to you and had
quite a chat with him. The G. P. G. check failed to turn up and Mr R cashed a personal one
for me, saving me from utter destitution.

Had a slight bilious attack today and at 5:30 when I returned to the hotel felt pretty
mean so I laid down for awhile. When I got up it was twenty minutes to ten! Went out to a
child’s restaurant and had some light food and have just returned to the hotel. I feel all
right now. Don’t know what should have upset me as I have been eating carefully and not
drinking. My first and only indulgence on the trip was a glass of beer at Worcester. 

I think I will start for home tomorrow afternoon and be home late. There is nothing
more I can do here beyond a call or two tomorrow morning.

With much love and many kisses for your own dear self and all the children. I am


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One response to “A Hum Drum Day

  1. Genealogy Lady

    November 2, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I grew up in Worcester so it is rather cool to hear about Will being there.


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