Philadelphia Town

29 Oct

Philadelphia, PA
Aug 2, 1911

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

It is a good while now since I have written you a letter, but I find the same old
feeling of lonesomeness away from you still exists and I must write you a few lines before

Arrived here about 1:30 P.M. and interviewed a sales applicant for about an hour
and a half, then went out to see if I could scare up any envelope business. Was not
successful in booking any orders, but got some promises that may develop in the near
future. Have a few other calls to make tomorrow morning and expect to get back to Newark
in the late afternoon.

Saw Ed Reynolds and he introduced me to their purchasing man. Am to see him
again tomorrow regarding some envelopes they are now in the market for and may come
away with an order. So much for the business.

Have been thinking a great deal about you. What a great good little woman you are
and how bravely you stand up under all the burdens I have imposed upon you. I hope you
had some luck today in getting a maid. Keep up your courage, Ruthy, will come out on top
of the heap some day. I suppose Florence thinks I am down town in good and earnest
today, not showing up when night comes. Every sort of effort is worth while considering the
dear family we have, and as far as I can judge from the appearance of others I see from
time-to-time, we are standing up pretty well under the heavy load. 

Have nothing more to say other than wish from the bottom of my heart that I could
be with you just now. I miss you more than ever. Kiss all the babies and tell them I sent
them. It is eleven o’clock and after mailing this letter will retire, my last thoughts being of
you and our happy little bunch of kitties. Give Florence a big hug and say Papa sent it from
Philadelphia Town.

As always lovingly


P.S. After kissing all the babies for me have them all kiss you as my message to
them for you.

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