Your Always Sweet Thoughts

28 Oct

The Republican Club
Feb 16, 1911

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

Have just a few moments before meeting the next engagement of the day and will
take the opportunity of writing you, which will probably be received before I see you again.

I met Mr Logan and Mr Day of the U. S. Envelope at the Waldorf at the appointed
hour and chatted with them until within a few minutes of noon.

Ran across Mr Judd, my host for the evening, and lacking any other company,
lugged him here for lunch.

While we were looking over the building after lunch the suit case arrived and I have
unpacked it and hung the coat on a chair, etc.

Of course one of the first things I spied was your precious little note which is now
tucked in my coat pocket right over my heart, and my eyes will scan your always sweet
thoughts just before I go to sleep. 

Thoughts of you are the sweetest of all and I am glad that your influence with me is
so strong as to feel your help, co-operation and guidance in all my walks of life.

The gentlemen from the East are very fine business men. Mr Day, treasurer, is a
particularly fine chap.

Mr Logan introduced me to him as “36 years old and father of 6 — going some.”
Will have to slip over to the Belmont now where I have an appointment with Joe
Gatti. We go from there to see Dykeman of the New York Central. Then back here, into the
“glad rags” and the festivities of the evening.

Well goodbye and good night sweetheart mine. Will be glad to be with you again on
Friday and hope things will settle down to business, so we can see more of each other and
be able to get away occasionally together.

Great love and kisses from
Yours and yours only


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