Whatever Adds to Your Pleasure

26 Oct

Albany, NY
June 16, 1910

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

I have just written a long letter to B & J telling of my experiences in Poughkeepsie,
and now a “love letter” to my Ruthy before going to bed.

What do you think? I just read for the first time your letter returned from
Chattanooga and it was all just as sweet and fresh as if written yesterday. It is so sweet to
read of your little purchases and the interest you have in everything that concerns our
mutual welfare. I am delighted for you to have just what you want in apparel, and you are
so modest about it all that the trifling cost doesn’t amount to anything at all.

You know I am always with you in any of your plans or purchases and what ever
adds to your pleasure also contributes to mine.

I have quite a cold in the head and it annoys me quite a bit tonight. I feel as if
constantly on the verge of sneezing. 

I am so lonesome away from you. I do so want to have you close to me, so that I
can hug and kiss you and whisper in your ear how much I love you. Ruthy, dearest, I am
not satisfied with the way I have treated you in the past. I want to be good to you and take
care of you, as one would guard and care for any priceless possession. Surely you are the
best and most precious possession any man could have and I want to love and care for
you accordingly. Good night sweetheart. Kiss and hug all the little “fruits of our love tree”
and with my hearts affection believe me
as ever


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