Shook Hands with President Taft

24 Oct
Will's brother, Ed (a newspaper man and later congressman) in 1910.

Will’s brother, Ed (a newspaper man and later congressman) in 1910.

Washington, D. C.
May 18, 1910

From: William a Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Ruthy:

Traveling around with this “bunch” doesn’t afford me an opportunity to write you a
real nice letter. To do so I have got to be alone, and that seems to be impossible. As it is, I
am sitting at a table in the foyer with noisy smoking men. All around me a situation not
conducing to putting into writing the thoughts I usually try to send to the Dearest of all
wives and sweethearts. It is 10:30 P. M. Mr Alfred is going to New York on the midnight,
and I have secured for a roommate Clyde Oswald, Editor of the American Printer for

The day passed quite pleasantly. Breakfast at 9 — shook hands with President Taft
at 11 in the Executive Office of the White House. We were kept waiting for sometime
outside as there were some special doings of State to dispose of before we could get an
audience. I saw Attorney General Wickershaw come out, then Senator Aldrich Root and W
Murray Crane, which meant that something was “doin” — then they let us in.

We then went to the steps of the Army & Navy Building where we were photographed (the
5th time so far), then to the General Printing Office where we remained until 1:30. This
afternoon was occupied in convention with an hour’s auto ride between 5 & 6. Tonight
more convention and “repartee” in the foyer and bar room. 

Didn’t tell you that we went to a “show” last night — “The New York Way.” I think it
must have been like one you went to with the Meltzers. It was very well acted — but of that
character portraying the free and easy marriage and divorce idea prevalent today in high
society. Will tell you all about it some other time.

I received your letter written Tuesday night — today about noon. Glad everything is
OK. It’s too bad that Mrs E. G. can’t be decent — except to her husband. You and I haven’t
time to bother with that class of folks.

I met “Richards” my old “Iron Clad” boss on the street today. He gave me a very
hearty handshake and expressed the desire to spend some time with me to-morrow. He is
here on government business.

I will have a chance tomorrow to write you more fully and also to gather my wits and
tell you my movements for the balance of my trip. I shall be alone more or less and
hustling. Am tired of this idling around.

Well dearest, sweetest Ruthy, I want to just give you the longest, tightest embrace
and shower you with those kisses which to me is the most real and satisfying pleasure of
my life. Kiss and hug all the youngsters for me and with all love for you and the “Blossoms
of our Love.” I am

Forever yours

P.S. I enclose a picture taken at 7:30 tonight. Have I degenerated any in


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  1. Brandy Heineman

    October 26, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    That is one fascinating photograph to go along this this letter! Okay with you to pin on Pinterest?


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