The One Great Ambition I Have

23 Oct

Washington, D. C.
May 17 1910

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Wifey Ruthy:

Here I’ve been, ever since 6:30 last evening and haven’t written you a word. It’s not
that I haven’t been thinking of you, but I have been so constantly in the company of men
that much as I wanted to, I couldn’t squeeze it in. Adjournment of last night’s “smoker” did
not take place until 2 A.M. this morning.

First thing I did upon arriving was to get at my things to wash up and naturally found
your note almost first of all. Well Ruthy that was one of the dearest sweetest and most
satisfying little love letters I have received from the sweetest and best wife that ever lived.

It is a great compliment to me to know that with my humble beginning, I have made you
happy. Surely the reverse has also been the case. What success I have made and the
content and happiness I enjoy have been due entirely to your great helpfulness and
constant and untiring interest and the thousand and one little and big ways that you
employ to make ours one of the sweetest homes anywhere to be found. You are indeed my
own true Love and wifey — Ruthy.

This morning dawned simply perfectly, just the sort that makes soul and body thrill
with the joy of living. Rose at seven. Breakfasted at 8:30 walked an hour and returned to
the hotel to attend the convention session. About 11:30 we went to the capitol and stopped
a while in both houses of Congress, which were in session. After a comfortable lunch we
made a tour of the Corcoran Art Gallery, and here I am back in the Hotel at 5 P.M., rather
sleepy but otherwise feeling very well. 

No Ruthy, I had no knowledge of your writing that Sunday note, previous to finding
it. True, I always think of the possibility of there being one but knowing the very little time
you have and the 11th hour packing and rush, I didn’t suppose there would be any this
time. My head was not long enough to think of the idea of writing one on Sunday. Sunday
was, in spite of the work, a very nice day for me. My going into our room when you were
writing was prompted solely by an unrest at being away from you and a desire to get a
sweet smile from Florence for inspiration to go on with the work. I didn’t give a thought to
what you might be writing altho I remember you were seated at your desk.

There will be a deal of sight seeing for the next day or two and then I’ve some calls
to make. I will advise you later just what my movements will be. Just now it is hard to plan
anything as I am a sort of guest of Mr Alfred and spend my time with him.

There is much of interest here. I won’t try to describe it but will promise to bring you
here on the continuation of our honeymoon, and we will go over everything carefully and
have the time of our life. I don’t take a very great interest in any of the sights, rather
leaning to the thought, “Well, Ruthy and I will see all of this, taking plenty of time for it and
see it right, some day.” That is the one great ambition I have, that of providing for my
sweet family and making their happiness complete, and giving the dearest member of it my
own sweet Ruthy, the rest and recreation she so well deserves.

Kiss all the dear children, giving Florence an equal share, and with much love, I
am, Always your


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