I Presume We Are the Most Important People Who Have Been Here Since That Time

22 Oct

Portsmouth, NH
April 14, 1910

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

First of all kisses and hugs for the sweetest girl and best of wives and mothers.

It seems that I haven’t had a real good opportunity to sit down and write you a nice
long letter as I should have liked. Have thought of you a great deal particularly during the
evenings, which at best are very lonesome away from you and the dear ones at home and
all the sweet atmosphere that ever surrounds it. I think I wrote you something of my plans
including a trip to Norwich, Montville, Boston, Bangor & home. We changed our plans
about 1 hour last night, and arriving in Bangor at 5:30 A.M. this morning. We had to be up
and dressed at this time as the train went on North. Spent the morning at the mill of the
Eastery Manufacturing Company at Brewer and had dinner at the Bangor Club as guest of
the Mill Supt. We left Bangor at 1:40 P.M. stopping 20 minutes at Portland and arriving at
this famous naval station at 7:20. You will recall this is the town where the peace
conference was held that settled the Russo-Japanese War. I presume we are the most
important people who have been here since that time. 

We are to look over another mill here tomorrow morning and expect to arrive at
Boston about noon and shall look forward there to the pleasure of receiving some word
from you. Will probably spend Friday night in Boston, Saturday morning in Norwick and
New London and set sail for home arriving in your nest anywhere from 7 P.M. to midnight. I
don’t know exactly.

I hope everything is as well as usual at home. I shall think of you ever so much
tonight. I am going to take a warm bath and get to bed early, so as to make an early start
tomorrow and will not try to write you a very long letter. Kiss and hug all the babies and
accept my whole hearts love for your own dear self.

As always your

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