I Have More Than Realized All My Girlhood Dreams

18 Oct

Newark, NJ
Feb 19, 1910

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: William A Gray

My dear Will:

I am sitting at your desk with the “Father of our Country” before me and the box of
sweets you sent me. I have sampled the latter and pronounce them very good.

I want you to know how I appreciate all these sweet attentions Dearie. I have more
than realized all my girl hood dreams in my life with you, and I am ready to take your hand
and go on through life with you and ready to meet with you whatever life has in store for us
of good or ill and I want always to add to your happiness in every way and to smooth away
for you the rough places you may meet. There it is with a great love like mine, I just want to
fold my arms about baby Florence and keep all sorrow and unhappiness from you.

I want you to enjoy every minute of your short vacation and return feeling rested and
happy to take up your daily burdens for your dear ones again. I am here you know to help
you share the work if I can. 

I must give you my good night caress now and with many sweet kisses from mama
and all the babies.

Good night Dear Heart
always your

I am mailing a list of music which should be here on your return and we can enjoy it
next Wednesday evening.

Luray, VA
Feb 19, 1910

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

They tell me a letter written and mailed before 9 P.M. will get tonights train, so I am
going to get at least a few lines off to you to tell you of our safe arrival here and progress,
up to date.

We arrived here at 11 o’clock this morning and after a southern dinner mounted our
steeds and rode the country for over 3 hours. It was a very exhilarating trip but for a tender
foot like me to get right on a spirited horse and let him run for dear life, it is bound to leave
its impression besides the mere recollection. After getting back, I lay down for 2 hours,
washed up, ate a pretty good meal, and here I am, able to tell you the tale, altho, I have a
sort of paralysis of the right arm and had difficulty in getting on my collar and can’t write
with my usual precision. I will probably be all OK tomorrow morning.

You doubtless got my first love note from Newark last night and now I want to tell
you how my heart goes out to you, Dear one. If I could only get into the midst of my sweet
home this minute, how very happy and satisfied I would be. Dearest Rurhy, to me you are
the best and strongest woman man ever had for a helper, and the dearest sweetest girlie
that ever was. It is very hard to be away from you these nights. We have been so much ,
and so close together for some time past. It has been a very sweet experience and one
that I do not think can be replaced or surplanted with any other. Therefore I feel very lonely
for you tonight and I want to get very, very close to you, Dear one.

As I go to sleep, I will feel you beside me as usual, and doubtless you will have the
same thoughts at the same time.

Well sweetheart, I will close and I want you to hug and kiss all the dear children for
me beginning with dear old Bill, and down by way of Ethel, Ruthy, Katharine, Jackie, and
dear little Florence, and between each hug and kiss take one of each for your own dear
sweet self.

With much love
believe me

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