There Are Always Disappointments to Meet

17 Oct

Charleston, Ont
Sep 23, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

It is a little after 7 P.M. I have just had supper of toast, apple sauce and milk. The
mail has not arrived. It seems that the train waited to get passengers who attended the fair
at Ogdensburg. It is a very accommodating train. Waits for passengers, freight or any old
thing any where. I now learn the mail carrier has arrived without the mail. Wouldn’t wait for
the train. So it now looks as if I wouldn’t get your Tuesday letter until the morning and I
have looked forward to receiving it all day. Well there are always disappointments to
meet one wherever one goes, and whatever the mission. This has not been as good a day
as its predecessors. I looked forward, after my poor luck yesterday, to a good day fishing.

We went this morning to what they call “The Furnace Waters.” A separate lake reached
after a 5 mile sail across Charleston Lake, and a portage of about 1/8 of a mile. Fished
delightfully until 12:30 and had only a few little ones. Chester & Mr Meltzer fared better,
catching enough for our usual sumptuous dinner. After dinner a severe thunderstorm came
up and spoiled our fishing in the afternoon. We got back here about 5 P.M., a pretty
thoroughly drenched crowd. I took advantage of the opportunity getting back early gave
me and shaved & bathed the best way I could and put on dry things and now I look quite
as respectable as when you last saw me, and fit company for the sweetest and purest of all
girlies, my Ruthy. This, by the way was the first shave I had since the day I left Newark and
you can imagine how utterly disreputable I must have looked. 

My holiday is fast drawing to a close, tomorrow being the last day we’ll spend on the
lake, then for home and work and fun.

I am hoping Dearie, the mail will arrive before I go to bed, so I can have your
message for my nights comfort. I don’t believe I want to be away from you any more
vacations. I want you with me. You are lots more fun than anybody else possibly could be.
This line of thought takes me back years and years when we first started in to be lovers.
How those walks and drives together used to thrill me and give me the supremest pleasure
of my life up to that time.

Well, Ruthy, dearest, I could write in this strain almost interminably on the main
topic of my life — Ruthy, her great heart, her great love and what a blessing her coming
into my life has been to me.

It is now after 10 P.M., rather late to be up. We all waited up playing cards for the
mail, but it didn’t arrive and there’s a chance that I won’t get it until tomorrow evening. Well
Dearie, I’ll have to go without news from home and my daily love message today.

Tomorrow there’ll be two. I hope all is well with you and all the sweet babies at home. Kiss
all and hug them close for me and accept my fondest love for your own dear self.

Lovingingly and always
Your will

P.S. It is raining hard here as I write. Should it continue we will start home tomorrow
afternoon, otherwise shall leave Saturday afternoon, bringing me to you for Sunday
breakfast. It just occurs to me that this is the last letter you will receive from me this trip, so
I will say good bye until we meet again Dearest, which will not be later than Sunday about
9 A.M.

W. A. G.

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