You Are More Than Life To Me

16 Oct

Charleston, Ont
Sept 20, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

Another day of my brief vacation gone and another day nearer the home coming.

There is not much to relate of the days incidents. The morning was overcast and cool, but
it cleared up nicely about noon. We had a delightful days outing without any great fishing
luck but each catching some and having enough and to spare for our shore dinner. (My
pen is going dry, a blot is the first indication.)

It is 10 P.M. as I am writing and Father just came to my room to tell me he lost his
pocket book containing his $25.00. He was sure he had it upon leaving the island, and of
course to ease his mind if possible, had to down to the boat house to see if it had fallen
into the boat. So I left off letter writing, got a lantern and we all 4 went down to the lake to
see if we could find the lost pocket book. There was no trace of it, so we came back, with
the idea of returning to our camping place and renew the search tomorrow. I had already
resumed this letter when Mr. Meltzer came to my room to announce that the “old goat” had
found the 25 on the floor of his room. This was by far the greatest excitement we’ve had

Returning here at 7 tonight I found your 2 letters of Friday and Saturday. It was very
cute and just like my Ruthy to write and mail a letter before my departure. They don’t have
any mail come or go here from Saturday 2 P.M. until Monday 2 P.M., so both of your letters
arrived at the same time.

They were both very nice letters characteristic of my Ruthy, full of love and devotion
and purity. The home picture is indeed a pretty one. All the nice babies and the high
minded mother full of ambition and energy and thoughtfulness for her flock. It is a source
of great comfort and happiness for me when absent to picture this sweet home and all its
sweet influences, the whole fine atmosphere generated by the sweetest and best of all
wives and mothers.

Ruthy you are more than life to me. Your pure, helpful unselfish love buoys me up at
all times. I do indeed want to show my love and appreciation in a stronger manner than I
have heretofore and it will be my constant effort to do so.

Hug and kiss all the dear children for me and as we part tonight for its slumber and
rest, lets embrace and feel the love of each others hearts in the way in the fond contact we
know so well, and which is always fresh and pure and sweet, kept so because we are true
to each other.

Good night Dearest Ruthy
Your Will

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