I Hope You Don’t Tire of All My Love Talk

15 Oct

Albany, NY
July 21, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest wife Ruthy:

It makes little difference when you receive this. I must have a few words with my
sweetheart before going to bed. Have just looked through my bag for the possible love
message thinking you might have squeezed it in, altho I know you had no time for anything
of the kind. I do wish you could be with me tonight, I would give anything I have to have
you within arms reach and whispering distance, this minute. How sweet it would be to have
you to walk with around the deck and admire the beauties of the night. As it is I have no
ambition to walk alone & just want to be near you — that’s all.

I am sleepy and am going to bed. Am going to think of last night Dearest and get a
lot of comfort out of it. Our love is the sweetest thing that ever was, but our extreme
intimacy does make the separation painful. Will be with you again after a few fleeting
hours and then our love will again be satisfied. I hope you don’t tire of all my love talk. The
truth is dearie, I am desperately in love with you and the times when I am alone like now,
my heart goes out to you, calling for your dear sweet companionship; and when I talk to
you this way, through a love letter, there is more satisfaction than going to bed with the
unwritten thoughts only. 

Good night, Precious one, may sweetest peace and best success crown a life like
yours, dedicated as it is so freely and so unreservedly to the highest calling of
womanhood. With great love and sweetest kisses for yourself and our loves product. I am
as always & forever


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