Can Now Say I’ve Been on Lake Michigan

14 Oct

Chicago, Ill
July 15, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

Just a line to tell you I am in Chicago, the hottest nastiest place in the universe.

Would much prefer to spend the rest of my days near Pleasant Plains, where our tire
“bust” than in this dirty smoky town. Had a hot sleepless night coming from Detroit. For
some reason or other Mr Clark, whom I expected to meet here has not arrived and so far
the Chicago end of my trip has been fruitless. Will stay over until 5:30 tomorrow evening
when I leave for Newark via Pennsylvania Limited, arriving at my home town at 5 P.M.
Saturday, if our train is on time.

Saw the Abbotts today, along with other Chicagoanese. The families of both boys
are away in the country and both had engagements with friends for dinner, a sort of cheap
way of getting out of spending time or money for the entertainment of an Eastern cousin.

Strolled down to the lake tonight and took a ten cent ride in a launch. Can now say
I’ve been on Lake Michigan. The weather here is frightfully hot. I notice it was 84 in the big
open foyer of this hotel as I came through. 

This letter will not get to you much if any sooner than I will deliver myself, but I must
record my usual good night thoughts of you as has been customary during all my
absences from you. I must have you very near me at such times and writing seems to be
the best and most satisfactory way to accomplish this.

It is nice to look forward to being with you again for a nice long Saturday evening
and Sunday. Seems like times of long ago when I stopped in New York. How I did look
forward to Saturday night and Sunday then. It’s the same sweet attraction that draws me to
you now intensified of course by years of growing attachment.

Good night sweet, sweet, one. Heaven bless you and give you peace and great
happiness and strength in the big work you are doing from day to day. Think of me as your
helper and protector at all times. Now, Dearest, let’s shut our eyes and have one of those
hugs and some very sweet kisses. Hugs and kisses that are exclusively for each other
and of which even in old age, if we are blessed to see it together, will not be weary. Kiss
and hug all the little Gray blossoms and with much love to all, I am

As always

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