Detroit is a Great Auto Town- Proven By the Number of Auto Accidents

13 Oct

*This letter should have come before yesterday’s letter- this one written on Tuesday the 13th, and yesterday’s written on Wednesday the 14th.*

Detroit, MI
July 13, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

Well here I am some 750 miles away from you and just as homesick tonight for you
and home as any one could possibly be. I simply want to be close to you more than
anything else in the world, that’s all, and that is everything to me.

Had plenty of time to catch my train Monday evening and had a hot and uneventful
trip, arriving here about 1:30 this afternoon. After getting settled here, six of us hired an
auto (7 passenger) and toured in and around the city for 4 hours. It was a fine ride at least
so the various occupants of the machine characterized it, but for us, old veterans at the
game, it was very tame, and I think the little Fanklen more comfortable. There are beautiful
places in and around this city and well worth paying a visit to. I picture in my minds eye,
you and I coming here. Not rail all the way, but say Day boat to Albany, NYC to Buffalo &
boat to Detroit. This would allow a day at Niagara, sometime in that future which we look to
so frequently when our life work is at last well under way, and we are free to rest up a bit.

There is quite a crown of conventioneers here including some women, wives and
sweethearts of delegates. They are at present holding a reception and smoker on this
floor. I looked on for a few minutes and then got out. I shall probably go to Chicago
to-morrow night, landing there Thursday morning and expect to be home Saturday night at
the latest. Have seen all of the town I care to just now and want to move along. This is a
great auto town — proven by the number of auto accidents they have. Some one said the
record was 18 accidents in 20 days, with 4 fatalities. We saw a crowd around a victim
today, the machine standing nearby. 

There are six or more large auto factories here, which turn out several hundred cars
per day. We saw most of them when on our auto tour.

I didn’t get much sleep last night and as I write find myself dropping off every little
while, so I will stop and retire after mailing this.

I am sending a bunch of postals for you and youngsters. You may distribute them as
you please. I will look for a letter from you tomorrow A.M. and hope you are well and
happy. Now Dearest of all sweethearts, good night. I shall go to sleep with intimate
thoughts of you and all your sweetness and goodness to me, and my mind will dwell upon
many of the incidents of our life together which have so thoroughly cemented the relation,
as to make it one and inseparable.

Kiss all the dear children for me from Billy down to Jackie, and with all love and
devotion to you, I am as ever and always your


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