But As Airships Are Not Yet Perfected….

11 Oct

Syracuse, NY
June 16, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

I am so homesick tonight that I must find relief in setting close to you through the
only means at hand, a letter. I would give anything to be with you now, but as airships are
not yet perfected, that is impossible. Well you’ll wonder what I am doing here. I got through
in Binghamton and decided to stop at Albany enroute home. Left Binghamton 6 P.M.,
arrived here 8:45 and found the town in possession of a convention of Knight Templars. I
could hardly squeeze my way through the streets and lost some time in finding a room,
everything being filled up. It is now 10:20 and I am located for the night. Tomorrow will call
on a couple of customers, visit the Franklin auto factory, picking out our 1910 car, and get
to Albany about noon and expect to be home before bedtime Thursday. Perhaps I may get
home before this letter, but what’s the difference, it serves its purpose just the same.

Well Dear how are you tonight. I hope you are well, best and sweetest of all girlies
and best wife that ever was. I love you sweetheart more than ever, and am really trying to
show it, altho I know I fall down repeatedly. The sweet family we have proves that our love
is the right sort, and I have a feeling that all matters will adjust themselves, so that our
happiness will be complete before long. How could any ill befall so deserving and pure a
girlie as my Ruthy. 

Don’t know whether I’ll get much sleep tonight. My room opens on the street where
the New York Central passes through.

Well dearie I’m tired and sleepy and I want to mail this letter and go to bed. Just
before going to sleep I’m going to hold you in my arms, stroke your face and give you
some nice kisses.

Good night, Sweetheart. Give my love to all the young blossoms of our love, and
believe me

As ever your

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