P.S. Will Write You a Decent Letter Tomorrow

07 Oct

New Orleans, LA
April 10, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

Another day gone and another day nearer the glad home coming. I received three
letters from you this morning. One forwarded from Fort Worth dated April 1st, one
forwarded from Dallas dated April 7th and one dated April 7th, the first you have
addressed to this hotel. I read them in the order of their dates and have just enjoyed the
refreshment of reading all three for the third time.

It is close to ten o’clock and I am quite sleepy, so will make this “just a love note.”
Having a wife like you dearie makes home the happiest place on earth for me. But
do you know too that the fact of having you and knowing you are thinking of me and loving
me, absence isn’t so hard as I first thought it would be. There is such a strong bond of love
between us that the distance separating us counts as nothing and we can feel each other
very close indeed. 

I am going to strive my utmost to help you Dearie, to realize your ideals. You have
gradually lifted me up so that now I feel that I can be a better husband to you than even
before. It being the one great aim of my life to make my Ruthy a happier girlie and in some
small measure repay her great love and helpfulness given so freely to me.

Dearie, I am actually snoozing between lines of this letter so ask you to excuse

Come to my arms sweetheart and let me hug you and whisper how much I love and
adore you. Good night, Dearest

As ever your

P. S. Will write you a decent letter tomorrow.

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