Good Friday

06 Oct

New Orleans, LA
April 9, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

Good Friday on the calendar, I hope it has been a good Friday with you. The people
here observe it as a holiday and there is no business being transacted in our line. Other
than taking a walk this afternoon, we have stayed around the hotel. There are many things
to be seen here said to be of interest, but being weary of the trip, I am indifferent about
seeing them. I think I wrote you we had made up our minds to return via S. S. Comis
sailing Wednesday 14th arriving Monday morning 19th. We were unable to get lower
berths, everything having been taken, but shall possibly be able to secure something on
Monday morning. I think we will leave on the Comis any way even if we have to take
uppers, these being much more comfortable than sleeping car berths.

It seems strange to be away from you so long. Just to think it will have been a whole
long month when we get back. I expected mail here this morning but none arrived. I
wanted a letter from you particularly, also one from B & J containing checks as our funds
are very low. Neither came so I have to be patient and see what tomorrow brings.

It is now just 6 o’clock (7 at Forest Hill) and am sitting alone in my room (#406/A),
the boys being down stairs in the reading room. I wanted to have gotten some Easter
cards for the children but didn’t think of it in Dallas & haven’t had an opportunity since
leaving there until it became to late to do so. 

Will have to send my Easter greetings in the form of kisses, of which I send you one
hundred special delivery. Keep as many as you like for yourself, giving

10 to Billy
10 to Ethel
10 to Ruthy
10 to Katharine
10 to Jackie

I also send a like number of hugs and squeezes for similar distribution.

I am going to close this letter with my usual little heart-to-heart talk with you,
sweetheart. Every additional day’s absence binds me closer to you dearie. The more I see
of the world and its people, the more emphatically it comes to my mind that the only way to
live, and get anything out of life, is by having just such a dear wife as I have with the sweet
babies and the home.

I shut my eyes now and embrace you dearest, kissing you over and over again, then
patting your sweet face with my hands, the way you so well like.

Good bye for now, Dearest and sincerely trusting all is well with you, I am
Forever your husband


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