Companion for Time and Eternity

30 Sep

San Antonio, TX
April 4, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Ruthy:

Here we are in S. A. yet. I have just finished writing my orders and it is 1:15 A. M.
Sunday morning. You will be interested to know the orders amount to over $3,500.00,
accomplishing exactly what I came to this town for in the face of many difficulties. This
represents nearly 2 carloads of envelopes.

Well Dearie, late as the hour is I just couldn’t go to bed without having a few words
with you. You must have had several letters from me by this time. The package containing
light suit came this morning and I found your note the first I’ve heard from you since your
letter telling of Ethels party. I figured that you would have had my Galveston and Houston
letters Monday or Tuesday last and that I would have heard from you again here. It
saddened me to note from your letter received today that your many burdens are bothering
you, and I feel very badly that I have been the cause of it all. Dearest Ruthy my own sweet
pure girlie and wife, I love you more than I can ever tell you, and altho what has been
done can’t be undone, it shall be the work of my life to do something for you which will in a
measure compensate for the discomfort I have through no wrong intention brought upon
you. After all, I understand you, Dearest, and know how you feel. I know you wouldn’t
change your lot for that of any other woman in creation so lets go through life, sweetheart,
hand in hand content with the pathway fate has chosen for us, knowing that we shall reach
the land of sunshine and flowers at no very distant date.

Since I have been at this hotel, it has been filled to overflowing with conventions of
Womans clubs. The Federation of Womans Clubs I believe they call it. At meal times, I’ve
had opportunity to observe this class of women. Imagine all sorts of freaks, young, middle
aged and old, most of them homely as mud, nearly all over dressed, dames of 50 summers
or more, using the dress of a 16 year old. Occasionally a woman perhaps 40 might have
with her a scrawny kid, the product of some accident. Would you change places with any
of these? That’s a foolish question to ask you for I know how much you despise this sort of

Dearest, Sweetest, girlie, I am going through the most uncomfortable period I have
ever experienced away from sweetheart, home and babies, and not many letters to cheer
me up and help me get over the rough places. You can’t imagine how desolate it is. I am
away from you, but you have the babies and the home. I have nothing but the recollection,
no wife or babies or home and Oh, how I want you all. But I undertook this knowing full
well how I would suffer in being away from you all, and I came to achieve a purpose, each
of us willing to sacrifice the pleasure of each others company for a season to accomplish
it. The lonesome homesick feeling I have tonight simply proves the impossibility of our
ever living apart. We are one, Dearest, just as nearly as any two could be and have
separate beings. Now dearest sweetest & best girlie in the world — I am very close to you
this moment. I have written this letter with my head very close to the paper and in a very
fine hand, each word drawing me closer and closer until now I take you in my arms and in
one of those sweet sweet embraces, which only you and I know, I kiss and kiss and kiss
you and O, that last kiss, you know the kind I mean, how sweet and satisfying. I am going
to bed now dearie and will dream this letter all over again. I will talk to you instead of
writing, and sleep quite sweetly and happily. Read this letter dearest Ruthy just before you
go to bed. I know you will be very close to me and we shall both be content. I shall think of
you as doing this after Tuesday night, next. Good night dearest & lovliest girlie, wife and
companion for time and eternity. Good night.

You must have received lots of mail from me one sort or another. Haven’t I been a
good boy to write so much? Answering your question, don’t know whether I shall get home
for Easter or not. Hardly think so unless I shirk the program laid out. You see we have
overstayed our schedule here several days. Forced to do it to get the people in line. Have
decided to cut Austin and Waco & Fort Worth and jump to Dallas first. We will arrive there
Monday, 6th A. M., and probably stay until Wednesday or Thursday, arriving at New
Orleans about Friday, 4/10. This would make it out of the question to get home before
latter part of the following week. Have written Austin & Waco to forward mail to Dallas.

Some of your letters may be hung up there waiting for us. We leave here tomorrow night.
Tomorrow I will try to see some of the city. With the Savages we go driving in the A. M.,
take dinner with them & spend some of the afternoon at their home. They have treated us
very nicely, indeed. Will advise you of any changes of plan. Good night sweetheart, kiss all
the babies for me from Ruthy up & down. Good night.


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