Made a Few Purchases of Souviners

29 Sep

San Antonio, TX
April 1, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Wife Ruthy:

Am too sleepy to write you a long letter tonight altho I should like to. Just finished a
5 page epistle to B & J, but must have a few words with you before retiring. Went to a
Mexican dinner with Mr & Mrs Savage tonight. Think I told you of this before. It was
postponed from last night on account of a shower. I enclose souvenir of the occasion.

Made a few purchases of souvenirs tonight notably Mexican hats for Ethel Ruthy &
Katherine, napkin ring for Jack, whip for Billy & something for big Ruthy too. I do so want to
see you all again, don’t see how I can wait to get home. Have had some success here
which I’ll reserve to tell you about till I get home. Can’t get away until Saturday 3rd which
will put us 2 days behind schedule I sent you. Had expected a letter from you today, but
none came. 

Well Dear Heart, Sweetest Purest girlie that ever lived. If I could only see and feel
you once more how very happy I’d be. I do love you so much and want to do so much for
you and all the babies. I feel I can be a better friend & lover than ever before, and the future is
brighter than ever before with prospect of good things in the future.

Kiss all the little pets for me and give them the hugs you would give me if I am
home. Goodnight Sweetheart, Pet, Wife and helper. Surely what success I have had is all
due to you dearest. Good night.


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