When Our Family Is Grown Up and Our Ship Has Come

28 Sep

San Antonio, TX
March 31, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Ruthy:

I told you in a postal of our arrival here yesterday A. M. and I would write you last night. I
did not write and I am taking this half hour before lunch to do so. Geo & I called on Hamilton
Savage last night, Clay remaining at the hotel, and returning about 10:30. I was so sleepy that I
could scarcely get my clothes off. The Savages live about 15 minutes trolly ride from the hotel in a
sort of bungalow cottage. Mrs S is a nice woman. They have two youngsters, a boy 3 and girl 6
months. I haven’t seen much of the city yet, but I should say the great feature of the place is the
most agreeable and comfortable climate. I never saw a finer night that last. Moon & stars shining
brightly & temperature feeling wholly lacking in our Eastern climate. I received your second letter
yesterday morning and was very happy to hear so good a report of your general condition at
home, I am already very tired and am anxious to get back. The boys want to prolong it and remain
here balance of the week, cutting out Waco & Austin & making our next stop Dallas. I think
however we shall move along about as per schedule I sent you from Houston. I must get home
before the 15th to take care of personal affairs as well as business, and so must move along
pretty fast after leaving here. The opportunities for doing business are good in this state altho it
can’t be worked up in a minute and need some plugging before getting it in line. The big jobber
here is San Antonio Drug Co and they have an order now 2 loads of envelopes which will last
them well into the summer.

This would be a royal trip under right conditions. This hotel is full to the doors of tourists,
men women & children who appear to have nothing to do except to go about having a good time.
I know a good fellow to travel with. Her name is Ruthy Gray (I saw a shingle in Houston
Dr Barrell physician) and some day she and I are going to see all this country together. For that
reason I have no special interest in seeing sights now, deferring this pleasure until we can come
together. I still believe that the auto is about the nicest way to get around and when our family is
grown up and our “ship has come,” I can see we two with some of the younger Grays speeding
along in our fully equipped touring car, going where and when we please. There is no fellow in the
world I can have as good a time with as Ruthy B Gray. So to the work, both of us, to bring about
the time when the interrupted companionship of the present will be replaced with a long holiday of
being together and doing & going what & where we please. 

Must go to lunch now & then to see more of the trade with the hope of selling some
envelopes to help pay our board bill here.

Tonight Savage wants us to have a Mexican dinner with him. Don’t know what it is, but will
tell you afterward, if I live to tell the tale. Good bye Sweetest of sweethearts, wife and lover.
Accept my best love and kiss all the children fondly for me.

As ever, your husband

P.S. The picture arrived last evening. Mount was broken, but picture itself not impaired.
Was mighty glad to get it, I tell you. Thought I would have had another line from you today telling
whether you were able to get my 2 piece suit off that I wired for last Sunday. I am rather short of
clothes & the suit I wore away being too heavy for this summer climate which leaves me with only
1 suit to wear most of the time.

W. A. G.

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