The Dearest Girl and Wife that Ever Lived

26 Sep

Galveston, TX
March 26, 1909

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

Your most welcome and soul refreshing letter awaited me at Galveston this
morning. I have read it twice so far and shall read it over and over again until your next
one is received. I am glad you are all well and that Jack is improving. It must have been a
relief to call Dr MeEwen up and to know he has been in consultation with Dr Penneo. Jack
is in good hands and I’m sure will pick up from now on. I didn’t suppose he had any
sickness, and this probably explained his condition.

Well we have worked Galveston. There is not much here in the business line. Trade
is very quiet and everyone is complaining. One merchant said to me if he only had half as
many customers call as he had traveling men he would be satisfied. However, we sold
some stuff here to one concern and have good prospects with another. Getting through
here and having seen about all there is to see we move on to Houston tonight arriving
there at 8:30 P. M. Our movements will be something like this: 

Houston Mar 26-27-28-29 Rice Hotel
San Antonio Mar 30-31 Apr 1 The Menger
Austin Apr 2-3 Gen Daly
Waco Apr 4 Metropole
Fort Worth Apr 5-6 Delaware
Dallas Apr 7-8-9 Southland
New Orleans Apr 10-11-12 Howe 4/14

From this point in letter I write at Houston — having arrived here at nine P. M. It is
now 10:45 and I have just completed a long letter to the house and I am tired out and must
go to bed to prepare for work tomorrow. The schedule I give covers my route as far as I
can see at present. It takes letters from 48 to 60 hours to reach these points and you can
be governed accordingly. Your letters frequently are the only instruments that will give me
nerve to get results on this trip, so I hope you will find time to squeeze them in often.

I expect to read your very sweet love letter over again before retiring and have a
few minutes very close to my sweetheart, the dearest girl and wife that ever lived.

Many kisses and much love for yourself and all the babies.
Your Will

P.S. Wish you would send me group picture to Dallas hotel. I have lamented not
having one many times since starting.


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