Recounting All Your Sweet Virtues

22 Sep

Buffalo, NY
July 1, 1908

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Wife, Ruthy:

Arrived here safely, have taken a half hour walk and am back to the hotel fit for
nothing but bed and rest. The day has been a tedious one, never so hot and disagreeable
a trip in my life, and dirt — I was fairly black upon arriving at Buffalo. I don’t know when I’ve
felt as lonesome as tonight. Leaving the depot, the first hotel I passed was the “Broezel.”

The recollections this name brought to mind did not help my lonesomeness. Passing the
hotel I walked up to the main st which we traversed a few times, “long” years ago. Didn’t
stop at the “Broezel.” Thought I would wait until I can have you with me and then will look
up the same room and have some of our honeymoon all over again. The trouble with me is
that I am still “in love” and to be all alone in this town so far from my love and loved ones, it
isn’t easily bearable. Thoughts don’t flow very copiously to-night. Guess I’m pretty sleepy!
So after a few squeezes and good night kisses, I’ll retire. 

Well, Ruthy, Sweetheart, I have been thinking lots of you today. Recounting all of
your sweet virtues, your many, many, kindnesses to me and my only feeble appreciation,
Ruthy, Dearest, I love you so much and O how I want your love. I couldn’t get along a
moment without that comforting realization that you are loving and thinking of me no matter
where I am. I want to be a better husband to you than I have. Am going to keep on trying
until I feel satisfied that my consideration for you is in keeping with the great love for you
that lies deep in my heart. Pardon this ramble and accept many kisses, giving some to
each of the youngsters, down to “Jackie,” Dear little Jackie.



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