Something Like Wireless Telegraphy

21 Sep

NY, NY steamship
May 27, 1908

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

Dearest Ruthy:

Just addressed and mailed some souvenir postals to the dear kids, and am going to
send you yours in this form which I know will be acceptable. There isn’t much to say and in
all probability I shall deliver myself in person before the postman brings you this letter, but
I know you always find refreshment in a love note from me, no matter when received. I am
very lonesome away from you tonight and would give anything to have you with me. The
day will come, I know, when we will be privileged to be together more than now and I look
forward to it with lots of comfort. I ask for no better play fellow than you and shall never
have been happier than when you can join me in my every trip and diversion. Perhaps we
won’t go to the extreme of a Newark couple I read of in the news not long ago. They
celebrated their Silver wedding by going through the marriage ceremony all over again,
minister and all having daughter and son for maid and best man, and departing on a
honeymoon trip after the wedding feast had been served. This certainly proved their
devotion to each other. I hope we can have at least part of our honeymoon over again. I
mean the holiday together with all responsibility and worry lifted from our path for a short
time and nothing to do but be with each other and play together. Probably you’ll say I’d
better stop dreaming and get back to earth — Alright — the present is good enough for me. 

With the dearest wife in the whole world and 5 of the sweetest children. The care of them
has grown to such a task that you must have every consideration from me and my very
best love at all times. I want to make your burden as easy as possible now and shall work
to make the reward as big as possible. This is a ramble sort of letter. Guess I am sleepy
and my thoughts sort of “Minded on as in a dream.”

It is always a source of comfort and consolation when away from you to write in this
strain. It cuts down distance and brings us close together. I know our views on all these
things coincide and there is a certain harmony of mind and heart between us that creates
waves, something like wireless telegraphy and the messages are constantly passing back
and forth between us. Well guess I’d best retire now. Will mail this when boat lands at
Albany. Good night Sweetest wife and may every blessing come to you and yours.

Love and kisses to youngsters, and much of both for your dear self.


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