A Very Hard Worked Girlie

17 Sep

Off South Carolina
March 2, 1908

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Ruthy:

I just finished a letter on Chester’s stationery and send you this sample of the ships.
I guess there’s just a little more room for love and kisses in addition to what my
former letter conveyed.

Will be thinking about you until my eyes close in sleep.

Good night, Sweetheart mine.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss
and …. little stranger,
next month, this date.
for me

Offshore North Carolina
March 2, 1908

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own Dearest Ruthy:

We are nearing Charleston and I want to put together a nice letter to mail at that
point. They say we will be there about midnight. We sleep through, having breakfast on
the ship and then go out to see the town. 

Well, the trip has been a very quiet one. Only about half a compliment of
passengers and the sea a veritable mill pond. No excitement of special note to relate, just
pump away of ship’s propeller, and deep blue sea all around. Have read one book of
Chester’s, “Brewster’s Millions” and started “The Helmet of Navarre.” Have had no
seasickness, and have had a fair appetite for my meals. Chester is sleeping his head off.
After lunch today he said he would lay down an hour and tumbled out a 5 P. M. when first
supper bell sounded.

Well sweetheart, it is the old, old story. The fun is not perfect away from you, and
the thought comes to me again and again that all these solitary excursions must some day
be repeated when I can have you with me, and realize the full pleasure of it.
I am hoping this minute that you and all the little ones are well.

Kiss every one of them many times for me and just as many as you want yourself. I
am still feeling the power of the very strong love you have been giving me lately. Always
full of sometimes unreciprocated devotion, you have been casting around me within the
past few weeks, a love net of the sweetest kind. I like your love, sweetheart, and shall
always love you with all my man’s heart, and I feel the love will grow stronger and better as
time goes on. I realize dearie, that you are a very hard worked girlie, and I know I ought to
do more to help you. Please take good care of yourself and try and rest your weary
overloaded limbs some part of each day. Your work is accomplishing great things for your
future happiness, which will be even fuller than now, but you mustn’t break yourself down
in the effort.

Well Dearie, to sum up, I mean this to express my best and truest love and I know I
shall find your sweet message conveying the same message upon arrival at Jacksonville.
Perhaps your reply to this might reach me addressed:

% S. S. Huron
Clyde Line
Charleston, S. C.

Expect now to address some postals purchased on the ship to go in this mail.
Picked up a lot of naval pictures for Billy, will send him samples.
Good bye and good night sweetheart and much love and kisses to you and all the
little ones.


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