I Always Was a Lovesick Kid

16 Sep

Enroute from Chicago
Dec 3, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own Dearest Wife, Ruthy:

I may reach you before this letter, but I know if it comes to you “in the working
hours,” you will pause to read it and thus the effort will not be in vain.

Well, I’m mighty glad to have said good bye to Chicago, with the prospect of
spending tomorrow night with my sweet heart in New Jersey. Haven’t seen any place since
leaving you that I’d rather live in. There is no use in going into any detail of the trip since
arriving in Chicago, in this post mortem letter. The hour is 9:30, my bed is ready and
before dropping away for the night it is sweet to write you a few lines of love, a habit
formed many years ago and I am frank to say still followed with intense satisfaction.

So far as you are concerned, Ruthy, I always was a love sick kid and it looks as if I
shall always be. It is sweet to know that in you I have one who thoroughly reciprocates my
fondness with a love as eternal as the heavens. 

My eyes are tired now from the motion of the train in connection with the reading of
9 columns of the President’s message.

I want to close assuring you of my hearts love, my lifes love and I trust a love
continuing through all eternity.

With many kisses for your dear self and Billy

Believe me as ever yours,

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