A Very Nice Looking Town

14 Sep

Denver, CO
Nov 30, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My Dearest Wife, Ruthy:

Arrived here about 8 A. M. and after a bath and shave occupying about an hour was
ready for business. Felt somewhat squeamish as the bowel trouble which bothered me
before leaving followed me all the way out, perhaps aggravated by the refrigerated diet
which you have to put up with on Diners. Have had 2 doses of a black berry brandy
mixture and feel somewhat better now. It is a quarter to six (7:45 by your clock) and I have
accomplished nothing thus far and will now have to remain over Sunday. The man I came
here to see is not here and I don’t know where to find him. He was due last Thursday and I
did not anticipate any trouble finding him. Reported the situation by wire to the firm and am
awaiting advice. 

Well, enough of business. I’d give a million if I had it to be back with you tonight.
The thought of being so far away from you makes me very homesick — and I do so want to
see you and feel and kiss you and all the youngsters. The home coming will certainly be a
happy one. This is a very nice looking town, what I’ve seen of it, clean and generously laid
out. I may look around some Sunday and have something to tell you about the place when
I get back.

Kiss and hug all the babies for me and accept my hearts whole love for yourself.

Your husband

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