Some Day the Work Will Be Done

13 Sep

Enroute to Denver
Nov 29, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own Dearest Sweetheart and Wife, Ruthy:

The youngsters are the other sweethearts, but you are the dearest of all.

Well, it is now 7:30 central time, 8:30 at Newark and I have just finished breakfast of
hot milk, cereal, boiled eggs and toast. The hot milk because I have a slight dysentery ever
since leaving home, and last night had to get up twice. Am feeling quite well however, and
with careful eating will probably be all right in a day or two.

Am in the observation car of the train, traveling through Western Iowa. There is
nothing startling to see, simply a broad expanse of prairie. Some under cultivation and
mostly for grazing purposes with very little timber. Will be in Omaha about 8:30 where I
shall have to lay over until 3 P.M. or so for Union Pacific train for Denver, reaching Denver
at 8 o’clock Saturday morning.

Met a Wyoming sheep ranch man at Chicago, a fellow about the age and type of
Billy Galbraith, whose wife & son live at Omaha. He told me a lot about the sheep raising
business and the profits in it. Has 40,000 acres of ground and thousands of sheep and
clears up over $50,000 per year. To illustrate how land in Wyoming has increased in
value, cited that 5 years ago he bought 20,000 acre @ $50 an acre, paying $10,000. He
sold it this last summer for $54,000. His wife evidently is trying to spend the profits. She is
building a house in Omaha in the center of the city, worth $21,000. The old man doesn’t
know whether in view of the present depression it is good judgment to go on with the
building. He says the mother just bought for the son an auto, paying $3,800 cash. He is the
only acquaintance I have picked up and offers to have his boy show me Omaha in the

My Dearest, I am wondering how you passed Thanksgiving Day. So unusual in our
short history. I certainly thought of you many times and wished I could have been with you
all. I won’t have any Thanksgiving dinner, preferring to eat everyday things and trying to
imagine in my imagination to partake of the repast you prepared.

Dearie, as I travel and see things I get a glimpse of nice times that are in store for
us in future. We are putting down the foundation now and it is being well laid, due to your
wisdom and thoroughness. As a worker — some day the work will be done and we can then
turn our thoughts to having fun — and what nice times we can have together. (The train has
stopped somewhere.)

Well, kiss all the children and accept my hearts love for yourself.


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