The Happy Day

12 Sep

Enroute to Denver
Nov 28, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own Dearest Ruthy:

We have just left Lima, Ohio — my watch says 11:50 A. M., but they say it is only
10:50. Train stopped to take water about 10 minutes. I went out and ran up and down. The
day is clear, the air cool and crisp. Am feeling well, but lonesome. Have just been reading
a story in Everybody’s entitled “The Happy Day.” It is a quaint story of a little boy and
brings me quite close to my sweet wife and dear little ones. Certain people were to this
little boy in the story mere “persons,” others were “feelings.” His father was a “person,” his
playmate “sammy,” a person, his dead mother whom he had never seen, a “feeling.” His
dog, a “feeling,” and Sammy’s sister Sophia, a “feeling.” Well, you and all the little ones
Billy, Ethel, Katherine and Ruthy are all “feelings” to me today. As the day dawned I
remembered to be thankful for what we have today. So much of the real things in life that
after all are the only things worth having. I hope you are well and have a happy day with
the children, myself absent from you only in presence, not in “feeling.” 

As nearly as I can plan now, should get back to New York late next Tuesday night —
but circumstances in Denver may necessitate staying over a day. This train is exactly on
time and will be in Chicago at 4:00 P. M. I Ieave for Omaha at 6:00 arriving 8:00 A. M. next
morning. Leave Omaha at 3:30 P. M. arriving in Denver at 7:30 Saturday morning. To get
back Tuesday night necessitates leaving Denver Saturday evening — and hustling all the

Writing on this train is not much of a success and I will close and mail this at the
next stop wherever that may be. You can tell by the post-mark. I will have Thanksgiving
Dinner on the train but will be thinking of you with almost every mouthful. I hope you are
having a nice day and will be able to get out for a little while with the family. Kiss all the
children thrice for me with “Ethel” hugs, and have Billy return you several kisses from me
and accept for the youngsters and yourself my hearts whole love.

Yours as ever


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