Just Squeeze All the Nonsense Out of This

11 Sep

On Hudson River
Sep 26, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 287 Monclair Ave, Newark, NJ

My own Sweetheart Ruthy:

Perhaps the perpetrator of this letter will turn up before the article, but even so, I will
have had the pleasure of being closer to you as is always the case when writing you a little
foot note. If I could just gather you in close to me this minute there wouldn’t be a happier
man in USA, but I suppose I will have to content myself with just a mind picture of an
awfully comfy Newark, NJ home, the dear sweet mama at the head of it, the hour 9:45 or
thereabouts, 4 sweet unmatched youngsters peacefully sleeping and the mama wearied
with a very satisfying weariness over the unceasing mother duties of the day, retiring from
the home like comfort of easy chair, oriental rugs and cozy atmosphere of sitting room
dragging with her a basketful of assorted sizes of foot gear, more holy than righteous, the
bottom of which is rarely reached, to the altogether delightful bedroom where the
sweetest of rest is found. 

Well Sweetheart, just squeeze all the nonsense out of this and take unto
your own dear self the fullest and best love I am capable of. Accept a lot of
kisses for yourself and when you get this letter kiss each of the children twice for
me, and tell them I sent them in this letter. If you add a few on your own
account, I won’t mind. I will take this to the purser to mail now and after walking
around outdoors about ten minutes, will retire. Good night, Love.

Yours, as ever and forever,


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