From Saratoga Springs to Niagara Falls

10 Sep

1907 Saratoga Springs

Niagara Falls, Ont
Sep 10, 1907

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own Dearest Ruthy:

Just a few words before retiring. It is now 9:00 P. M. and I am weary — not with the
day’s exertions, but rather with its dullness. Rain has fallen most of the day and much sight
seeing was out of the question. Dave came over here about 1:15. He looks about the same
as ever. We went to Buffalo with him, returning about 7:30. I suppose of all great sights in
the world, the Falls must stand in first place. I shall delight in bringing you here some time
with some or all of the kids, and sit with you on the piazza of this hotel as I have to night
and see the Falls lit up by many search lights, so arranged as to make the whole American
Falls brilliant in a dazzling light. This is varied by changing the colors, and at times giving
the Falls the appearance of possessing every color of the rainbow. This hotel affords a
magnificent view of the whole spectacle. Perhaps you will recall the location of it when
described. You remember on our visit here when we were boy and girl, we went down the
incline railway and walked across the ice bridge to a point where the “Maid of the Mist”
was housed for the winter. We got up the cliff some how or other and walked to the right,
coming first to a little house where souvenirs were on sale and where you could look out a
large window, giving the Falls the appearance of a framed picture, and then to a bridge
where we returned to USA. Well, this hotel is located just back from this small house and
near bridge affording a grand view of the whole show.  

Well, I want to tell you again Sweet heart how much I love you, and how I long to be
near you tonight. It’s the same old longing of more than 10 years standing and yet stronger
than ever. I love you Dearie for your true pure womanly qualities, and I do so want to show
this love in a stronger and better way than I have yet. I hope you are feeling a little better
at least, and soon will commence to enjoy the health and spirits that are usually yours.

Shall probably leave here tomorrow night, arriving Albany Thursday A. M.
transacting business there and getting back to N. Y. late Thursday evening. This is
somewhat indefinite, the convenience of others of party possibly making me a day later. I
shall try however to be home Thursday night. Good night Love.

Yours, with all my heart


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