My Love For You Never Was So Strong

08 Sep


35 De Forest Ave
Summit, NJ
May 14, 1906

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy:

My hand is stiff to-night and I can’t write very well but I do not want to go to bed
without sending my Pet a few words of love. I have such sweet memories of our visit
together last Thursday & Friday and then your coming to the train with me helped so much.

You looked so sweet to me and it seemed so natural and like real life again to be out with
you. It was just a very faint reminder of what we expect the summer to bring.

I do hope Ethels and Ruthys measles will not wear you out in attendance upon them
and that by Wednesday they will be over the worst of it. Don’t hesitate, dearie, to get any
help you need to relieve yourself. I trust the kitchen situation will soon adjust itself

I haven’t any special message to communicate. All my thoughts to-night are on you
and the babies. Don’t you think I could be of some use to you at home. I could probably
amuse the youngsters, making things for them & perhaps give you a chance to get out. 

Now, Ruthy Sweetheart, this is my goodnight to you. Let your memory bring up the
sweetest dearest parting we ever had and let it be repeated tonight. My love for you never
was so strong and it seems to increase every day.

Ever yours


P. S. Bob went out to get some alcohol and brought the tape measure. I send it to
you as a souvenir.

W. A. G.

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