As to a Name, I Am All At Sea

07 Sep

35 DeForest Ave
Summit, N. J.
May 9, 1906

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 908 Lake Street, Newark, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Most precious girl in all the world and my Love for time and eternity — how I wish I
could be with you to-night. Our visit together yesterday was as you say in your letter
received today, very sweet indeed but all together too short. I didn’t have time to think of
all I wanted to say to you, most of all my attention having been absorbed in taking in the
family in general. I wanted to have thanked you for that nice fat letter you put in the suit
case. I have to thank you for another sweet one that came today. I crave nothing else as
much than to always be in your life what your loving letters assure me I am. 

I hope you will pardon my seeming neglect on my part of our new little “chunk of
love,” “Broken off and animated.” She is a very dear little thing and like the others will
develop a character all her own. As to a name, I am all at sea, There have been some very
pretty ones mentioned, but I am at sea for a favorite. Hadn’t we better wait Dearie, until I
get home, having in the meantime prepared a list of all, we would consider and then we’ll
sit down and come to some final conclusion — unless you have some favorite already
picked. As to Lois — this is doubtless a pretty name, but don’t you think it so uncommon
that people are apt to mispronounce it and call it all sorts of things. You know, I had the
honor of naming Ruthy jr so now, its up to you? Am glad that Billy is still improving. What
we want now is a re-united family and if all goes well, I’ll pull up stakes here on Sunday
next and see if I can effect a reconciliation with my wife.

Had a letter from H C Berlin today in which he asked to be remembered to “my good
wife.” I have written him today that I was going to New York first of next week — can I do it?
This has been a beast of a day out here. Am somewhat stiffer than yesterday, but
may feel better again tomorrow. Kiss all babies for me and accept a bunch for yourself.

Forever your

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