I Feel Quite Bostonian

05 Sep

Boston, MA
Dec 17, 1905

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Sweetheart Ruthy:

Couldn’t wait until I reached Boston to look for your note. During the tedious hours
of the afternoon my thoughts traveled the reverse way of the train and I really grew
homesick thinking of the dear home I left this morning, the loving wife and precious babies.
Then I looked up your note. I knew what was in it and I needed those sweet assurances
just at that time.

Arrived here on time. Haven’t succeeded in connecting up with anybody yet. Mr
Haws was to meet me at depot. He didn’t. He was to be at this hotel. He isn’t. It is certainly
exasperating to have one’s employer keep appointments this way. I suppose he’ll turn up
sooner or later. 

Funny how one gets into the ways of a strange town almost at sight. Went into the
dining room, not very hungry and notwithstanding the fact that the bill of fare was
congested with variety, my eyes seemed glued to one thing, Boston Baked Beans, and try
as hard as I could, I could not get away from them. So Boston Baked Beans I had and now
I feel quite Bostonian. Haven’t been in town very long, but I’ve been to church, got in just in
time for collection and out just in time for the sermon. Order of service enclosed.

I suppose I’d better make another search for my man, so will close and mail this
letter. Should see you again, Dearest, before midnight tomorrow.

Ever your

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