Just a Few Lines

03 Sep

Springfield, MA
May 22, 1905

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

Just a few lines to carry out my practice of either being with you in person or at least
giving you some tangible evidence that my thoughts were upon my dear ones for at least
some part of the busy day. The hour is 12:30 A. M. Am here with Mr Hopper waiting for the
2:35 train for New York, having missed all the earlier ones on account of not having gotten
through with our business sooner. Will not attempt to record any of the days experiences
or our reasons for coming here. I only want this to take the place of and be the expression
of that love which I have for you which makes you the dearest, sweetest girl in all the
world, which I would have been telling you tonight, in close embrace if I were with you. 

This sounds a little mixed, but you know what I mean and its all right. My best love and
kisses for Billy, for Ethel, and for Ruthy and too many to count for your own dear self. Will
see you to-day, P. M.



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