I Am Having a First Rate Outing

31 Aug

Charleston Lake Inn
Charleston, Ontario
Sep 17, 1903

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My own dearest Ruthy, Billy boy and little sister Ethel:

Many, many hugs and kisses for all of you, to start with and to you Ruthy many
thanks for your sweet letter written Sunday which I found awaiting me on our return from
the lake today. I to am counting the days as they go by, as cutting down the interval that
remains until our reunion on Sunday next. I must not forget to thank Billy for his very nice
letter, and you must give him some big kisses from me for them. The lake is very fine, and
fishing fairly good and I know I am having a first rate outing but better than any feature of it
will be the glad meeting again of my own from whom I have been separated but a week,
but which seems infinitely longer. Am glad you had such a nice walk in the Park on Sunday
and hope you will be able to have some pleasant diversion every day until I return. We had
a glorious day on the lake today. Weather warm but comfortable as also are the togs,
which I won’t describe, but will show you a picture of when I return and dinner on the shore
— well, that is indescribable. Rock Bass, Black Bass, Pike, Chicken, Eggs, Green Corn,
Potatoes, Fried Onions, Marmalade, Pickels, Coffee, Pie and cheese — and finally the
appetite to do it justice. We ate so much at this meal that supper is out of the question. 

Mr. Giles arrived to-night with wife, child and father. Altho after dark and house on a
little island, a good 2 mile row, he loaded all, bag and baggage on two boats and started
for his camp. Chester said he wouldn’t attempt it for $50,000, as the old man is so feeble
that he can hardly stand up much less sit steady in the boat, and Mrs Giles seemed quite
nervous. To sum it all up the program is a good healthy one, but after three or four days it
becomes monotonous as there is no great variation of the daily routing of fish and eat,

It is so comforting and satisfactory to know I have such a good pure woman to love
me more and more all the time and it must be always so with us.

Good night Dearest and much love and kisses for all of you.
Goodbye until Sunday.

Your loving husband and papa

Hope Billy’s cough is better.

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