Billy Carried It Around with Him All Day

29 Aug

1903 letter

Newark, NJ
Sept 16, 1903

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 716 Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ
To: William A Gray, % Robert Foster, Charleston Lake, Ontario, Canada

My dearest Will:

It is after ten but I will write you a short letter anyway. Billy has been better today
and is sleeping very quietly tonight. The Dr came this morning and left more medicine. He
said it was mostly due to his stomach but he has a little cold too.

Last night I didn’t get many winks of sleep for Billy had a burning fever all night and
was very restless. He was better after the Dr left this morning and the fever went. He slept
most of the time until about 2 o’clock, then I dressed him and he played around until about
six o’clock quite like himself. Even this little spell has taken some flesh off of him. The Dr
will call in the morning again and I am hoping he will find Billy quite well. He has a nice
way with children. This is the time when I missed our good brother Dr.

Your dear big precious letter came today and we had a feast reading it. I am glad
you wrote every word of it, it was very interesting to me. Billy carried it around with him all
day, went to sleep with it in his hand this morning. He admired particularly the address in
red ink, the pages written with red ink & the stamps. 

We had a very heavy storm here this morning, high winds and a heavy rain. I believe it
blew down a number of big trees down town. It played havoc with the leaves up here.

I hope your nice weather continues and that the fishing improves. I am so glad you are
feeling so well. I know it will do you lots of good, such a complete change and rest. I cannot but be
glad for myself that the days are slipping by however.

With more love than pen can tell from your three dear ones,

Your loving wife


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