You Are My Lover Yet

26 Aug

716 Clifton Ave
Newark, N. J.
Sept 14, 1903

From: Ruth Barrell Gray
To: William A Gray

My Dearest Will: –

It is almost ten o’clock and I suppose you have been to bed almost an hour, if you
are living up to the contract. You are escaping the warmest spell of the summer. I am so
glad you are away from the oppressive heat.

Billy’s cough seems no worse — did not bother him through the day, but the heat
and the cough have made him very restless tonight. Your dear little daughter was as
cunning as could be tonight. Both children were in bed about 6:30, but Billy awoke about
7:30 and his fussing woke baby. I laid her on my bed and that was enough, she was
asleep again soon but the next time Billy cried out she climbed off and appeared in the
dining room. She trotted around amusing herself for awhile then she followed me into the
kitchen where I was clearing away the dishes, and as I noticed she was very sleepy I said
to her “Sister go climb into Momies bed and go sleepy. Mamma will come soon.” And she
went right in, climbed up, laid her head on the pillow and went to sleep like a dear little
kitten. She calls for Papa very often and so does Billy.  

We all went down town today. I went to Hahn’s for some thread and Billy’s rubbers,
and some groceries. I bought Billy a shovel & fork for 15 cents. He had been asking for
them for several days. They were very nice ones. I also bought baby a dolly with a metal
head so she cannot break it. The head has to be sewed on and I will have to make her a
dress — the whole thing cost 24 cents. It is about the size of the one Grandma Gray sent
her last Christmas.

You must have been tired when you left the cars, such a long rough ride.
I believe I was just as excited over the familiar writing on the letter the postman
handed me this morning as I ever was five years ago. I could hardly wait to get it open.

You are my lover yet as well as the dearest and best husband in the whole world.
Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night, and as it is growing late I will close for
tonight. I just shut my eyelids and sent you a big kiss, didn’t you feel it? Goodnight love,
one more day gone.


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