I Can’t Find Papa

23 Aug

716 Clifton Ave
Newark, N. J.
Sept 12, 1903

From: Ruth Barrell Gray
To: William A Gray, Charles Lake, Ontario, Canada. % Robert Foster

My Dearest Will: –

I have been thinking of you all the morning, and hope you are having as fine a day
as we are here. You must be nearly at your journey’s end now for it is twelve o’clock. I
hope you are feeling well and will be able to enjoy every minute of the time you are away.

It did seem so strange and lonely to wake up this morning and not find you beside
me. Sister spent most of the night in my bed however so I was not alone. Both children
looked and called for you this morning. Billy looked in our room and said “I can’t find
Papa.” He selected the lavender paper for the letters today and wrote it while I was putting
sister asleep.

I cannot shake Harry without hurting his feelings unless some of your people turn
up. He thinks it is not just right for me to be alone, though with Mac in the house and
neighbors so close I do not see what could happen. 

I will cook a big mess of beans tonight to try and satisfy his large appetite. I will
have to go and get some pork for them right after lunch as my butcher boy could not
deliver it in time. Think I will go to the shop we visited yesterday and we will mail your letter
on the way.

I hope your mother will come and make us a little visit. I am going to write her a note
right away, and then I will have to get Billy’s dinner.

I will try and write you a nice letter tomorrow, but will have to stop now.
With lots of hugs and kisses and more love for you than a million letters could hold
and kisses from, Billy & Sister.

I am your loving wife

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