I Am Enjoying a Slight Attack of the Grippe

17 Aug

New Providence, N. J.
Dec 29, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My dear Will:

I write to cancel that engagement I made for Friday evening. Whether you can come
or not, I think I’d best stay at home.

I am enjoying a slight attack of the grippe. Haven’t taken any cold and don’t
suppose I’ll have it badly, but I feel pretty mean this morning. Head heavy and bones
achey and a slight cough so I guess I’ll stay in and nurse the cold for I don’t like its
company, and I do want to shake it before New Years so I can have a good time.
I wrote to Mrs Hood this morning telling her I could not come so that is settled. I am
rather sorry for I’d have liked to have gone. 

I hope your cold is all gone Dear, and you are feeling quite like yourself once more.
Harry Saxe is coming this afternoon to stay until Saturday. There is so much work to
be done I really must help a little though I don’t feel much like it.

I can’t even write a nice letter to you though I’d like to. My hands feel so cold and
queer. Guess I’ll be all well by Saturday when you come out.

Goodbye now and much love from

Your own


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