Anticipation Is Meeting a Think Half Way

15 Aug

New Providence, NJ.
Dec 22nd, 1898
From: Ruth Barrell

To: William A Gray, Iron Clad Mfg. Co., 22 Cliff St, New York City

My Dearest Will: –

I just received another letter from you.

I am sorry your dream didn’t come true, but it has by this time, even dreams can be
delayed, you see.

Don’t, don’t, don’t even think of grippe. You ought to know better. Anticipation is
meeting a think half way, I believe. Just take good care of your health and all will be well.
O, this weather is dreadful in the country – at least I am glad you think you can get off early
on Friday, as it will suit us much better.

So I will look out for you at Barclay St. at 2:40 P.M. tomorrow (Friday). If you should
be a few minutes late you would find me waiting in the outside room at Barclay St. But I
guess we’ll find each other — all right. I am sure this plan will be better all around. 

I have so much work to do I cannot tarry longer with my Love now, so I will bid you
Goodby tonight until tomorrow afternoon.
Lovingly yours,


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