Don’t I Know All Your Love

14 Aug

New Providence, NJ.
Dec 21st, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dearest Will: –

I had a nice letter from you yesterday morning and a cup this morning.

I wrote to Aunt Libbie Monday and I received an answer from her this morning
saying it would be convenient for her to have me stay with her on Friday night and that she
would expect me, so that is settled. I will come down on the mail train, 3:29 P.M. from West
Summit, and go to your office. All I am afraid of is that we will have to hurry a bit to get
through in respectable time. You see I don’t like to go over to Aunt Libbies late, she and
Uncle James are getting old — and James would be very apt to take the liberty of scolding
me if I caused them to sit up waiting for us. So if we could get there by 9:30 I would be
pleased. However this will not hinder our having a lot of fun together, and I am looking
forward to Friday with much pleasure.

I think your list a little too extensive, Love, as regards my family. As you are not yet
a member, as my husband, you need not feel you have to assume the responsibilities and
pleasures of such a relationship, particularly as we all know your pockets are not bursting
with wealth. As for myself, please don’t think of getting any thing more than a little
remembrance of the season for me. Don’t I know all your love — and all the big generous
wishes of your heart and I appreciate those more than all the fine things in the world. The
merest trifle would be held dear by me if it came from you. 

I will try to think over some suitable gifts though I am afraid I cannot help you much
with your family, not knowing what they care for.

I will be very very busy on account of Friday all the rest of this week. I haven’t a
minute more to spare now as I must go and dress to go to Fred Baldwin’s funeral with

This is a miserable day, hope Friday will be nice.

All keep well here, take care of yourself Dear. I am afraid you have needed your
umbrella this week.

Well Goodby and
Much love — and many kisses for my Will,

Always your own


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