Just Like Ivory Soap

12 Aug
Ruth and Ethel, 1890

Ruth and Ethel, 1890

New Providence, NJ.
Dec 13th, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dearest Will: –

Your letter of yesterday received this morning.

I was glad to hear your feelings were at such a high percentage, just like Ivory
Soap, and I hope by tomorrow evening they will be still higher.

Yes, that programme is all right so far as I am concerned. It means leaving business
earlier anyway and that pleases me, for I think you’ll reach “par” sooner.

I am so sorry you had to be scolded (I cannot seem to think or write straight.) for not
being home. It is important to me and I feel sorry for you. Of course, I agree with you, but I
can realize how your Mother likes to have you all home. But instead of scolding, I think a
better way would be to have a little sympathy and arrange things so you could look forward
to spending some time in that home pleasantly instead of being treated to the
uncomplimentary remarks of all the family during most of your stay. Well, Dear, I’ll always
love you enough to put criticism far away from any of my thoughts of you. 

I am glad to hear of your purchases of warm coverings for your poor abused feet.
Think you’ll be more comfortable now.

I am going out on Sunday school business this afternoon and taking Ethel with me.
Think perhaps I may call on your mother. It is a lovely day. How I wish for you to enjoy it
with me so much.

I will be so happy to see you tomorrow, Love. And tonight I think of you not far

If it isn’t too much trouble, could you bring out an ounce bottle of creolin? It’s
something the Doctor prescribed for Ethel’s catarrle and no one is going to Summit for
several days so I asked you.

Goodbye Will, much love and lots of kisses until tomorrow evening.


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