I Love Home and the People There, But I Love You More

11 Aug

New York, NY
Dec 12, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

If I cannot see you through the week I must at least write you oftener for my own
peace of mind. Last week would not have been so lonesome a one had I an opportunity of
writing you when I wanted to, so I must try to spare a few moments most every day if only
to send you a kiss or two and some big chunks of love of which there is in me an
inexhaustable mine. Writing this word (inexhaustable) reminds me of the very happy
holiday I spent with you when getting over that disagreeable attack of rheumatism some
winters ago. Do you remember the word coming up in my stenography studies? Something like that,                     I think.

Well Dearest, to make a long story short it is not yet quite six o’clock and I am going
to quit work and go to Brooklyn mailing this in route. I feel very well tonight and ever so
happy, 99.44 % pure, the remaining percentage to bring it up to par will come along soon.
Think I will go to bed early tonight, out home to-morrow and to see you Wed. How is that
for a programme. Satisfactory?

Met David on the train and got nothing less than I expected — a calling down for not
going home on my birthday anniversary. He said mama had a cake made specially for me
and I never came home. Well, I don’t think I am at fault. The point is they at home don’t
know how I love you — cannot realize the power of it and of course criticise me for doing
this, that and the other thing when I ought to go straight home and stay there. I love home
and the people there, but I love you more and naturally go where you are and in doing this
I cannot see wherein the reason lies for my detracting in the least from their happiness. 

This is all unimportant Ruthy, so don’t please waste any thought over it.
Went out today, bought a pair of wool sox and a pair of heavy shoes and rubbers.
All to make you happier and my feet warmer.

Must stop now or won’t get to B in time for dinner. Look out for hungry me about
7:15 Wednesday. Also have your skates in shape, perhaps tho a sleigh will prove a better
method of getting around by the way it looks out now.
A kiss good bye and away we go.

Your own


Hope your Santa Claus whom I left at the ferry has reached home safely. What a
load of secrets Bessie must be carrying.

Good Bye



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