Sweet Thoughts of My Ruthy

10 Aug

New York, NY
Dec 9, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dearest Ruthy:

Friday morning and not a written word to my Love this week. Well Ruthy if my pen
has been inactive, my thoughts have not and mostly so sweet. I only wish I had time to
communicate them to you. I had intended to write you several times but something
interfered and I had to be content with just sweet thoughts of my Ruthy. I have not been
working late, that is not very late, and having no writing materials in Brooklyn, I went to bed
instead of writing you which would have been much more interesting to me.

I received your loving sunshinny letter of Tuesday and am real happy to know and
feel how happy you are. Our future, Dearest, is always in my mind now in the shape of a
very near reality and I too am very happy there, for I wanted to write you early in the week
some sweet thoughts, but now as our holiday is so near I will wait until with you tomorrow
afternoon. This week so far has certainly gone swiftly and I am glad of it. Have been
feeling quite well and walked the bridge yesterday morning. It was quite cool and windy,
but I felt the better for it all day.

Hessie came in to see me one evening (Wednesday) and we had supper together,
thence up to the Regimental Armory where we watched a dress review. It was all very nice
and I would have enjoyed it very much “if” you had been with me. There was a great crowd
of people there mostly young — all in giddy clothes. Hessie and Chester went home and I
went to Brooklyn and of course it was quite late when I got to bed that night but I made up
for it since. 

Well, tomorrow is Saturday, the dreariest except Sunday, of this present season
and I expect when reaching you to be happier than ever before in my life.
I sent you some kisses in tangible form early this week, I hoped you received them
for the sake of their sentimental errand.

I am writing now with desk piled high with work, but I felt I must send you a word
before I could get down to business.

Hope you are very well and that those invaders of my eyes, my Ruthy’s eyes, have
taken themselves away and that nothing else hinders their seeing that sweet sunshine
they so delight in, strewn all along the way.

Will be glad to have you meet me Ruthy if agreeable, at the mail which I hope to
catch. If the weather is too cold for your comfort don’t come and I will go to Murray Hill
later. Pardon my having to hurry with this note but I had to.

With my whole hearts love, I am your


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