Goodbye For 19 Short Hours

05 Aug

New York, NY
Nov 18, 1898

From: William a Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

You will think it odd for me to be in Brooklyn and “at home” and still within the
precincts of typewriting machines, but to-night I find this one very conveniently located.

The night is a miserable one and indoors is by far the best place to keep, so I can occupy
what remains of the night until bed time, with the use of this machine, very near to you
Dearest, speaking to you o’er and o’er again some of the thoughts which are so dear to
both of us.

To explain further about this typewriter, the lady who owns it is mistress of the
house. She has a wide literary acquaintance hereabouts and secures manuscript work
enough to keep her moderately busy and I presume pay her fairly well. Not having either
pen or paper over here, she very kindly gave me the privilege to use this machine. 

Well Ruthy, to-morrow is Saturday (“I vish dot every,” etc) and all my thoughts are
centered once more upon the delights of being with you, Dearest, where I love to be
beyond any other place on earth, and hope soon to be oftener and under more delightful
conditions still. This is very poor weather to spend out of doors and you are doubtless
making great progress upon those little indoor tasks you have taken up of late. By the way,
you were to let me see, last election Day I think, some pretty “white” goods which I did not
see. Remind me of this to-morrow, won’t you Dearest?

Here I am starting to write a letter which might continue for several pages, but just
now Miss Whitlock advises me that she has to do some writing for Dr Abbott, which he will
send for in a short time so will have to stop now.

It is now over an hour since I wrote the foregoing and late enough to be getting
ready for bed, and being desirous of sending you some kisses for to-morrow morning
delivery (real ones coming in the afternoon) I want to get this in the mail to-night. From all
indications it looks as though to-morrow wouldn’t be a very pleasant day and I do not think
I can get the 3:20 train. Think I can make the express to Murray Hill and shall be glad to
have you meet me there if the weather permits. Ruthy, my dearest Love, dearer to me than
ever before. I send you many kisses and much love and well wishes for your perfect
health. Good night Dearest Ruthy.

The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from the other.

Good-bye for 19 short hours —

As ever yours


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