Our Near and Happy Future Together

03 Aug

New Providence, NJ.
Nov 15th, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dearest Will: –

This is a perfectly beautiful day and I hope you will take a nice walk this noon and
enjoy it. Remember the piece you read Sunday about the mad rush, etc.

Abe is bringing in celery from the garden. It looks fine, wish you had a nice crisp
piece of it just now,

We haven’t had a word from Mother yet. I wonder what has happened. I expect they
are having such a grand time that they haven’t time to write.

Yesterday I sewed a great deal, and with Bessie’s help quite a change took place in
those dresses, red and blue you saw, they are pretty well done and they really make very
pretty dresses for work. You can judge for yourself some day. I told Bessie I couldn’t do
much for the first month but get used to the idea of having such a lot of pretty new things
all at once. It will be fun when we get at the two best dresses. I don’t know how as Bessie
and I can paper that room of ours until the others come home. It is quite a job.

O, there was such a lovely sunset yesterday, prettier than Sundays. It began with
those soft pretty shadows of blue and buff changing to light pink and then a deeper pink
until the whole west was one glorious burst of color with streamers extending away over to
the east. I watched it while out feeding the chickens, until it faded into a cold gray. I
thought of you hard at work over the green man or your own work and I wished I could
wish you right beside me, but I’m not a fairy, nor even a juddle. 

Several hours have passed since I wrote the last sentence.

And O, ho, ho, You don’t know what we’ve been doing in the interim. Our room is
more than half papered. When I so innocently remarked this morning that I thought we
would have to wait until Mother came home I was only echoing my wise elder sister’s
sentiments, and lo her sentiments changed and on a sudden I was summoned to assist
with a pot of paste and brush. It is going to look just fine, Will. No pretty sunset tonight.

When Bessie came down the stairs this morning she found Mac asleep in the
clothes basket with Coon curled up on his back, They are both in the sitting room now.
Coon on the table and Mac before the fire.

Bessie and I are going for the mail tonight to see if we cannot hear from that Mother
and sister of ours, also I will mail this letter so you will get it tomorrow about noon.

I am happy as usual tonight thinking of our near and happy future together. If it isn’t
for that to look forward to, I don’t think I could bear having you away a whole week at a
time. I do miss you so, Will.

Well, it is time to close, so I must say goodnight. I want to keep on saying it like
knocking on the wall Sunday night.

Loads of love and kisses for my Will,

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